14 Best Free Content Planning Apps [2023]

Free Content Planning Apps

A content planning app is a software application that helps content creators and marketers to plan, organize, and schedule their content marketing efforts. This app typically allows users to create a content calendar, set publishing dates, and collaborate with team members.

The app can also offer features such as analytics, content optimization suggestions, and social media integration to help users improve their content performance.

5 Best Free Planner Apps

  1. Using a paper sheet to plan tasks is not effective.
  2. Planner apps are better for organizing tools in one place.
  3. Google Calendar is a must-have app for daily, weekly, and monthly overviews of work meetings.
  4. Any.do combines a calendar and to-do list in one app to improve time management and productivity.
  5. Trello can be used as a project management tool and planning app with an easy-to-use Kanban-style board for creating tasks and to-do lists.
  6. Fantastical brings all events, tasks, and meetings together in one place with many features like scheduling calls/meetings, weather conditions checking, etc., making it the best planning app for Apple users.
  7. Microsoft Outlook has become an excellent event/scheduling tool. Besides email/calendar/tasks, access to Microsoft Office apps like Word/Excel/PowerPoint makes collaboration easier across various platforms (desktop/web/iOS/Android).
  8. Friday centralizes teams while tracking progress/company goals; affordable plans/free option available; integrates seamlessly with other apps like Slack/Microsoft Teams/Google Calendar/to-do list/notion/etc.
  9. Notion is primarily a note-taking application but also manages projects/tasks/plans/schedules/etc.; customizable templates/connects over 200 apps, including Slack/Gmail/Microsoft Outlook/etc.; free plan available for up to five users with unlimited pages/blocks.
  10. These are the best planner apps that help you organize your life effectively on different platforms such as web/chrome OS/Android/iOS/mac/windows.

How to Plan Your Instagram Feed Using Canva

  1. Canva can plan Instagram feeds instead of planning apps like Planoly, Unum Later, or Preview.
  2. Modern Millie is a social media influencer who posts videos every Wednesday on the latest strategies and trends on social media to help grow your brand.
  3. She uses Canva to plan her Instagram feed because she finds it easier than her phone, and since her feed uses more graphics, it makes sense for her to stay on her laptop.
  4. She created a template called “My Planning Feed Template” in Canva, where she uploads photos and arranges them according to how she wants them displayed in her feed.
  5. With other planning apps, you can only plan out reels a little, but with Canva, you can have a reel cover image so that when you plug it into the feed, you can see how it will look cropped.
  6. Millie also uses Trello to plan her content calendar by plugging in captions and photos for each day of the week from Monday through Friday.
  7. The reason why Millie prefers using Canva over other planning apps is that they require payment or upgrading for certain features such as scheduling carousel posts or auto-posting unless one has a business account connected with Facebook creator studio, which allows auto-scheduling of photo and carousel posts only, but not video content like Reels yet.
  8. Dollar 80 is an app designed to increase engagement by leaving meaningful comments on nine posts for ten different hashtags while making comments organized rather than manual work done via mobile phones alone.

Best Social Media Planner APP for 2023

  1. The speaker spends a lot of time on social media platforms curating content.
  2. They are seeking an affordable social media platform to streamline their posting process.
  3. HootSuite was too expensive, so they found Metrical, which is free for one brand and has better functionality than HootSuite.
  4. Metrical automates most of the posting process but allows for manual adjustments if needed.
  5. The app can post on multiple platforms at once and duplicate posts with adjusted character limits for Twitter or TikTok.
  6. One of the best features is the analytics that shows growth across all social media platforms in one place, including demographic data and location information about followers.
  7. The speaker has yet to explore additional features such as ad management, inbox access, competitor analysis, and smart links.
  8. The speaker recommends trying out Metrical, even if using the free version because it saves time and efficiently manages multiple accounts from one place.
  9. The speaker uses Metrical themselves and recommends it based on personal experience rather than being paid by the company (although they do have an affiliate link).
  10. Overall, Metrical helps manage social media more efficiently without reinventing the wheel – making tracking metrics across different platforms easier while saving time in posting content manually on each platform separately.

Best Free Instagram Planner App Comparison

  1. The speaker is Kaylee June, a fashion and beauty photographer based in Australia.
  2. She has started a YouTube channel to talk about creating content and freelancing.
  3. Today’s topic is Instagram planning platforms that are free to use.
  4. Planning platforms help plan out Instagram posts for a month or more ahead of time.
  5. Planoly is the first platform she recommends because it offers 30 free uploads for both Instagram and Pinterest accounts, with an easy-to-use interface on desktop and mobile app versions available.
  6. Later offers broader scheduling options but only allows one social media account per subscription, with limited post numbers at lower levels than other platforms mentioned here.
  7. Preview focuses solely on Instagram scheduling but offers unlimited posts in its free version; however, users can only access the mobile app version without upgrading to paid plans that provide auto-posting features and unlimited posting capabilities across multiple social media accounts simultaneously (including Pinterest).
  8. Kaylee uses Planoly because it suits her needs best while offering good value for money; she upgraded from the free version when she needed daily posting capabilities or more frequent updates than what was allowed under their basic plan offerings.
  9. She recommends these three planning platforms over others due to their ease of use, lack of bugs/clunkiness issues commonly found in other apps/services like them, and overall value proposition offered by each respective company/plan level chosen by users signing up for them.
  10. Kaylee invites viewers to share any recommendations regarding similar services/platforms not covered here so that others looking for affordable/free options can benefit from this information too.

How Do I Create a Content Calendar Plan?

  1. The video discusses how to manage a content calendar as a professional blogger.
  2. A content calendar is a schedule of what content will be published on the blog.
  3. Managing multiple channels requires planning to tie all the content together.
  4. Being organized helps capture every idea and makes it happen, increasing creativity.
  5. Trello is a tool for planning the content calendar based on Kanban system columns.
  6. Each card represents one piece of content with checklists, labels, due dates, attachments, etc.
  7. Social media posts are planned out using templates and graphics designed in advance
  8. Weekly vlog tasks are set aside to plan out upcoming newsletters, videos, and photoshoots
  9. Maintenance tasks include answering emails, updating the media kit, and checking statistics

Best App to Schedule Instagram Posts Free

  1. The speaker tested various apps and narrowed them down to his favorites.
  2. He wanted apps compatible with iPhone and Android that could be used on the web.
  3. Auto-posting allows someone else to review content before it gets posted.
  4. Categorizing posts makes it convenient to do a batch of posts all at once and set them up to go out when needed.
  5. The apps mentioned are free but have paid subscription models for businesses trying to do well on Instagram.
  6. Plan, Planoly, Instagram Creators, Buffer, Color Story, and Preview are the apps discussed in the video.
  7. Hashtag sets can be created in some of these apps for convenience when adding hashtags to posts.
  8. Some offline apps, like Color Story, offer editing tools, while others, like Preview, allow scheduling reminders for posting later on Instagram.
  9. The speaker recommends using Plan or Planoly due to their excellent free model and many features from a phone app interface.

Content planning apps can be helpful for bloggers, social media managers, and businesses with an active online presence. They can help users stay organized and consistent with their content publishing, essential for building an engaged audience and growing their online presence. Some popular content planning apps include CoSchedule, Trello, Asana, and Hootsuite.