3 Ways to Boost Your Productivity with VUCAC Whiteboard

Many remote teams have started to use VUCAC’s digital whiteboard for seamless communication and collaboration.

How to use this digital whiteboard to maximize your productivity and fully unlock your team’s creativity?

We want to share the three most helpful tips to use VUCAC for meetings and workshops.

1. Get started quickly with ready-made and professional templates.

With a variety of pre-designed templates, you don’t have to spend too much time searching for a visual style or color scheme like designers. Just identify the goals for your whiteboarding session and pick the template that is organized for your specific needs.

We have built some of the most common templates for teamwork and collaboration, for example, brainstorming & ideation, analysis & planning, and agile workflows.

When you create a new whiteboard canvas, you can choose a template from the left-hand sidebar and insert it into your existing board.

Besides, you can search for a template from our library and create a whiteboard directly based on this template.

2. Use the following features to avoid time-consuming layout design and alignment

You can group and lock multiple elements to structure board content efficiently and make your team focus on discussion and collaboration.

Select multiple elements and right click the “Group” button. And then you can move, copy or luck the group freely.

Besides, you can align or arrange multiple objects as a group instead of moving them one by one.

Just select multiple objects and click “Align” in the quick access toolbar and choose the type of alignment you want. Our whiteboard supports eight types of alignment, including left/right-aligned, center-aligned, top/bottom-aligned, etc.

There are four types of arrangement supported, for example, horizontally/vertically-arranged, arranged by group or auto arrangement. You can select multiple objects and click “Arrange” in the quick access toolbar, and then choose the type of arrangement you want.

3. Use the “Lock” feature to prevent accidental operations

After creating your board, as an admin, you can lock the content to prevent members from accidentally editing or deleting elements. If you need to lock multiple elements, you can group them and then lock once. It is more convenient.

To unlock and edit multiple items, there are several ways:

First, use “Shift” and click to choose each locked item, and then right click to unlock.

Second, drag select all locked items and right click to unlock.

If you want to unlock most of the locked items on the board, you can right click the mouse on a blank space to choose “Unlock all”.