16 Cheapest Social Media Scheduler Tools in 2023

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Learn how to streamline your social media management with Metricool, a tool that offers a 30-day free trial with code “Latasha.” Connect multiple social accounts and view individual post performance. Schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (including stories and reels), TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google My Business using Metricool’s visual planner. Hashtag research is available for both Instagram and TikTok hashtags on their excellent platform. Additional team members can be added as complete editors or read-only members, and multiple brands can be managed in Metricool. Try it out today!

BEST Social Media Scheduler Tools for Social Media Managers & Creators

  1. The speaker spent the day mapping out their content calendar for the next week.
  2. They use analytics and trends to inform their strategy.
  3. They recommend using Metricool, which offers a 30-day free trial with code “Latasha.”
  4. Metricool allows you to connect multiple social accounts and view individual post performance.
  5. You can also do manual research by looking at hashtags or industry news to determine topics to cover.
  6. The next step is to write a list of content that needs to be created.
  7. Content creation takes up most of the time, but Metricool’s planning feature makes scheduling easy.
  8. You can drag posts around in the calendar view and get time recommendations for the best posting times.
  9. Additional team members can be added as complete editors or read-only members, and multiple brands can be managed in Metricool.

How to Schedule All Your Social Media Content With This Free Tool

  1. Metricool is a social media scheduler that can integrate with various platforms.
  2. It offers free and premium features, with the ability to post up to 50 posts per month on the free platform.
  3. The visual planner shows the best times to post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram based on past performance analysis of your account.
  4. Customizing content for each platform is essential instead of repurposing content across all platforms.
  5. You can schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (including stories and reels), TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google My Business using Metricool.
  6. Hashtag research is available for Instagram and TikTok hashtags on their excellent platform.
  7. Cross-posting is possible with Metricool’s scheduling feature allowing you to see how it looks on each platform before posting or customizing further if needed.
  8. Rachel Peterson is a social media strategist who serves as the U.S. ambassador for Metricool.
  9. Using a social media scheduler like Metricool saves business owners, freelancers & social media managers time by streamlining their workflow process.
  10. Metricool has fantastic workflows that support users in creating compelling content strategies.

Social Media Planner: Essential for 2023

  1. The speaker spends a lot of time on social media platforms curating content.
  2. They are seeking an affordable social media platform to streamline their posting process.
  3. HootSuite was too expensive, so they found Metrical, which is free for one brand and has better functionality than HootSuite.
  4. Metrical automates most of the posting process but allows for manual adjustments if needed.
  5. The app provides analytics on all social media platforms in one place, making it easier to track growth and demographics.
  6. A paid version includes a social media report with demographic data and competitor analysis.
  7. Other features include ad management, inbox access, intelligent links, and competitor tracking.
  8. Switching between brands/accounts within the app and connecting accounts quickly is easy.
  9. The speaker recommends trying out Metrical, even if using the free version, as it can save time and improve efficiency in posting content across multiple platforms.

Social Media Calendar 2023: Buffer Vs. Later Vs. Hootsuite Vs. SocialOomph Vs. Sprout Social

  1. The video is about comparing different social media management tools.
  2. The speaker mentions Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, SocialOomph, and Sprout Social as options.
  3. They mention they prefer something easily accessible for their project and team workers.
  4. Buffer has a free version with essential publishing tools and a landing page builder, but the paid version offers planning and publishing tools for $6/month.
  5. Later’s starter plan costs $18/month with limited analytics and a customizable LinkedIn B page.
  6. Hootsuite offers professional plans with access to messages in one inbox, report templates, the best time to publish, etc., but it is expensive.
  7. SocialOomph’s advanced suite has excellent features like review management across multiple platforms but is expensive.
  8. Sprout Social fulfills all the requirements of social management, including review management, social content publications, etc., but it is costly too.
  9. The speaker suggests trying out both Buffer and Hootsuite if you are just starting or have a small company budget while considering other factors like ease of use before making a decision on which tool to choose

5 Free Social Media Scheduling Tools For 2023

  1. Social media is essential and will continue to grow in importance.
  2. It’s essential to have a strong presence on all major social media platforms.
  3. Posting and engaging on multiple platforms can be overwhelming, leading to missed opportunities.
  4. Many social media tools available can help with scheduling posts and sharing content across multiple platforms.
  5. Some of these tools can be expensive, but free options are available.
  6. Buffer is a popular post-scheduling tool that supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest for up to three accounts with ten scheduled posts per platform.
  7. Crowdfire provides features similar to Buffer but does not support Pinterest in the free plan, offering article curation recommendations and one-day data analytics for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts only.
  8. Hootsuite supports fewer features than the previous two tools but offers YouTube integration and five shared monthly posts for up to two social media profiles without any ads or analytics support provided in the free version.
  9. Agora Pulse has a limit of 40 scheduled monthly posts across three supported social media profiles (excluding Pinterest) while providing advanced inbox management tools like label content monitoring or ROI calculator, among others, plus email support within a one-month data retention period.
  10. Pally offers a drag-and-drop visual planner feature along with location tagging, previewing first comments inside bio link tracking audience insights, custom dashboard creation, etc., supporting five out of six possible social networks, including Google My Business account, limited by just 15 monthly scheduled posts.

Social Media Management Tool Compare: Metricool vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer

  1. The video compares HootSuite and Buffer as social media tools.
  2. Magical sponsors the video, but the presenter aims to be unbiased.
  3. HootSuite offers a 30-day free trial and has pricing plans for different needs.
  4. HootSuite allows users to manage multiple social media accounts in one place and provides analytics features.
  5. Metrical is geared towards small businesses and social media managers, offering an all-in-one tool for planning, analyzing, and growing digital presence across various platforms.
  6. Metrical offers more integrations than Hootsuite, including LinkedIn groups and Twitch.
  7. Metrical also provides YouTube analytics that is not available on Hootsuite’s platform.
  8. One downside of using metric is that it requires a business account on Instagram to auto-schedule reels; otherwise, users must schedule them manually through the Instagram app or website.
  9. Both platforms offer hashtag suggestions and content creation templates but differ in their ability to repurpose short-form videos across multiple platforms simultaneously.
  10. The presenter tests both tools’ features while providing insights into their pros and cons before leaving it up to viewers to decide which tool works best for them based on their needs.

How to Plan Your Instagram Feed Using Canva?

  1. Canva can plan Instagram feeds instead of designing apps like Planoly, Unum Later, or Preview.
  2. Modern Millie is a social media influencer who posts videos every Wednesday on the latest strategies and trends on social media to help grow your brand.
  3. She uses Canva to plan her Instagram feed because she finds it more accessible than using her phone, and since her feed uses more graphics, it makes sense for her to stay on her laptop.
  4. She created a template called “My Planning Feed Template” in Canva, where she uploads photos and arranges them according to how she wants them displayed in her feed.
  5. With other planning apps, you cannot plan out reels very well, but with Canva, you can have a reel cover image so that when you plug it into the feed, you can see how it will look cropped.
  6. Millie also uses Trello to plan her content calendar by plugging in captions and photos for each day of the week from Monday through Friday.
  7. Millie prefers using Canva over other planning apps because they require payment or upgrading for certain features, such as scheduling carousel posts or auto-posting, unless one has a business account that comes with its own set of limitations.
  8. Auto-scheduling posts is only possible through Facebook’s Creator Studio if one has an Instagram creator or business account connected to their Facebook page. Still, this feature is only compatible with video content for in-feed posts and carousels.
  9. Dollar 80 is an app that helps increase engagement on Instagram by leaving meaningful comments on nine different hashtags’ nine most recent posts without resorting to bot systems.
  10. Modern Millie encourages viewers who made it this far and have not already subscribed yet to should subscribe button to turn on bell notifications so they don’t miss any future videos.