How To Run A Creative Content Strategy For Events

Creative Content Strategy

These are just a few examples of the many annual content strategy events worldwide. Attending one of these events can be a great way to learn about the latest trends and techniques in content strategy, network with other professionals in the field, and get inspiration for your content strategy efforts.

Discover the benefits of repurposing existing content into different formats for efficient use of resources. Explore the importance of a solid content strategy specifying business objectives and user needs to ensure effective creation, delivery, maintenance, and content removal. Attend conferences like Intelligent Content Commerce or The Den Conference to learn from accomplished experts in the field. Finally, commit to consistent activities that lead to success over time rather than focusing solely on outcomes or goals.

How to Build a Helpful Content Strategy for 2023?

  1. Video podcasts allow for the creation of multiple avenues of content.
  2. Turning on a camera while doing a podcast can help upload the video to YouTube, which is a search engine and helps in discovery.
  3. Micro clips can be removed from the video and posted as reels or tick-tocks.
  4. Syndication allows one piece of content to be spun in ten different ways.
  5. Creating video podcasts saves time as it makes multiple forms of content at once.
  6. Encouraging people to turn on cameras during audio podcasts helps create more engaging content.
  7. Uploading videos on YouTube increases visibility and reachability among audiences.
  8. Cutting micro clips makes it easier for viewers to consume shorter information from longer episodes.
  9. Repurposing existing content into different formats is an efficient use of resources.
  10. Video podcasting has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and ability to create various media types with minimal effort.

Content Strategy Events

  1. Jacmel Asana is the organizer of the Lava Con content strategy conference.
  2. He seeks out interesting locations and the best speakers and follows industry trends to create enjoyable and enlightening gatherings.
  3. Jack has been virtualizing parts of his events for years, so he also has some great ideas about the current shift to online events.
  4. The Content Strategy Insights podcast features accomplished content strategy experts sharing their wisdom with the content community.
  5. They talk with professionals across content strategy, from small businesses to big enterprises, from content design to marketing, and from solo consultancies to huge agencies.
  6. Their mission is to democratize content strategy and make its principles and practices accessible to everyone.
  7. Jack Mullisani runs a staffing agency for technical professionals and is best known as the founder and organizer of the Lava Con conference, which started in 2002 on content strategy management.
  8. The venue selection process considers fun, walkable places with local culture, good food, live music, etc., rather than airport Hiltons or bigger venues like Bay Area or New York City.
  9. The speaker roster comes together by choosing well-known people in the industry who are at a renowned company or doing something innovative/interesting; they look at where the industry is going next (e.g., AR/VR)
  10. The Lava Con Conference focuses on multi-channel strategies, including web/print/PDF/mobile, while other conferences may concentrate solely on web-content strategies.

Content Marketing Strategy 101: with Templates & Examples

  1. Content strategy involves planning for creating, delivering, and maintaining effective content.
  2. A strategic approach to content ensures that every piece serves a legitimate purpose.
  3. A content strategy specifies business objectives and user needs that the content supports.
  4. The content strategy process comprises four conceptual phases: planning, creation, maintenance, and removal.
  5. During the planning phase, review existing content in the user experience through inventory and audit processes.
  6. Conducting user research during planning can help identify users’ outstanding questions and where new or updated content is needed.
  7. Content design should happen from the start to avoid last-minute replacements with placeholder text (Lorem ipsum).
  8. Maintenance and governance determine when and how often to review content for quality and success over time.
  9. Removing underperforming or unnecessary content directs users’ attention to relevant information for a better user experience.
  10. Good content happens through people, processes, and flexible policies – starting with a solid content strategy that sets up UX initiatives for success.

Intelligent Content Conference: Content Management Conferences 2023

  1. Content is an asset in organizations.
  2. Structuring content correctly can lead to great customer experiences.
  3. Technology can be leveraged to reach people effectively.
  4. Intelligent Content Commerce is a valuable conference for those interested in these topics.
  5. The conference has a vibrant community of content strategists who share solutions and ideas.
  6. Attendees can learn from speakers, sponsors, and peers at the conference.
  7. Workshops target different levels of expertise and specific content strategy, technology, and marketing topics.
  8. The value of the content across all sessions is compelling.
  9. ICC is recommended for anyone looking to better understand their content model or network with others in the industry
  10. ICC is especially relevant for enterprise-level Content professionals worldwide

Event Content Strategy 2023

  1. The Content Strategy Interviews podcast features accomplished content strategy experts sharing their wisdom with the content community.
  2. Episode 24 features Steve Robic and Jason Preston, co-founders of the Den Conference.
  3. Steve is a longtime tech conference producer, while Jason has always been entrepreneurial and fascinated by greatness.
  4. The Den Conference is all about innovation in the community and putting a dent in the universe as a positive force for change in the world.
  5. The first Den Conference was held in 2013 with Denting the Universe as its theme, but they have since moved away from having strict themes for each event.
  6. They use six editorial pillars (vision, people, process, design, focus design, and alchemy) to guide speaker selection and programming organization.
  7. They prioritize creating intimate moments for attendees to facilitate connections between them and encourage combinatorial creativity toward making a dent in their respective fields.
  8. Despite initially focusing on programming over community building at their first event with only 100 attendees, they quickly realized that fostering a sense of community was crucial to achieving their goals for the conference series.
  9. Their ultimate goal is to inspire attendees to impact society like Steve Jobs or JK Rowling did through dents they made in their respective universes.

Intelligent Content Conference – Content Strategy Event

  1. The Intelligent Content Conference is dedicated to the technology and techniques around content mechanics.
  2. It focuses on challenges enterprises face: translation, localization, adapting content to multiple interfaces, and personalization.
  3. ICC is best suited for more prominent companies with complex content challenges.
  4. The conference features progressive, leading-edge speakers discussing artificial intelligence (AI).
  5. AI can give businesses superpowers if they use the right technology.
  6. ICC has a good quality of speakers and covers different topics related to technical aspects of content creation.
  7. It’s a more intimate group where attendees get to know each other better over time.
  8. Attendees have geekier conversations at lunchtime on average because everyone is technical and analytical.
  9. ICC emphasizes the importance of tagging posts and creating good meta descriptions for effective content strategy planning