101 Creative Digital Marketing Content Ideas for Social Media

Digital Marketing Content Ideas

Learning how to make marketing content ideas and types for content marketing can attract and retain a clearly defined audience, generate leads, and drive profitable customer action. Use social media posts, Pinterest pins with optimized keywords, Instagram stories to encourage engagement, videos for higher conversion rates and revenue growth, and podcasts to build authority around your brand or product/service offerings.

Infographics present complex information visually, while emails can be automated or manually typed up newsletters that provide value directly into target markets’ inboxes. Repurpose long-form content pieces into shorter forms for accessibility/diversity in reaching different audiences across platforms without having to come up with new ideas all the time.

19 Types and Ideas of Content Marketing for Businesses

  1. Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable content.
  2. It aims to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and drive profitable customer action.
  3. Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.
  4. Social media posts are one of the most popular types of content, but they should provide value rather than just selling products or services.
  5. Pinterest pins can be optimized with keywords for easy discovery by users searching for specific topics.
  6. Stories on platforms like Instagram can encourage engagement and promote new content.
  7. A video is an effective tool that includes traditional YouTube videos, TikToks, IGTV, live streams, etc., which can lead to higher conversion rates and revenue growth.
  8. Podcasts offer a way to share knowledge in the audio format while building authority around your brand or product/service offerings.
  9. Infographics present complex information visually in an easily understood overview format.
  10. Emails can be automated or manually typed up newsletters that provide value directly into target markets’ inboxes.
  11. Webinars allow businesses to share knowledge and ideas updates with people worldwide while nurturing relationships & demonstrating products/services they offer.
  12. Ebooks answer questions related to what you offer & pain points/goals of your audience.
  13. Free tools automate providing value without continuous effort from business owners.
  14. Listicles use lists as thematic structures fleshed out with sufficient copy published as articles, making it easier for audiences who prefer skimmable formats instead of large chunks of text.
  15. Instagram guides curated lists promoting their products/services while giving value through places/posts/products listed within the guide.
  16. Proper giveaways (related prizes) attract qualified entrants interested in business/product/service offerings.

Fashion Content Marketing Examples

  1. Content marketing is important for fashion brands to attract customers.
  2. It involves giving value to the audience in advance rather than just asking for a sale.
  3. Value can come in many forms, such as entertaining content, helpful videos, or inspiring quotes.
  4. The goal is to give reasons for the audience to come back and connect with your brand.
  5. This strategy can bring customers to you instead of finding them yourself.
  6. To start content marketing, identify your target audience and choose topics that interest them.
  7. Tie these topics back to your products as well.
  8. As you post more content, you will get suggestions that will give you ideas for more content marketing strategies.
  9. Content marketing creates an attractive method by stopping people from scrolling through their phones and getting them interested in your brand.
  10. If new to content marketing, there are tools available, like the Fashion Sales Kit, that guide what types of posts work best.

Create Consistent Content for Social Media

  1. Vanessa shares tips on how to post content on multiple platforms consistently.
  2. She recommends creating templates and frameworks for finding, planning, creating, distributing, and evaluating content.
  3. Content pillars are categorized into education-based, inspiration-based, and sales-related.
  4. Nine content pillars are identified: calling out mistakes; myths/misconceptions; giving tips; inspiring the audience; sharing personal stories/fun facts about the brand; shifting beliefs/opinions of the audience; addressing objections from potential customers/clients; sharing social proof/testimonials from clients/customers who have used the product/service being promoted/promoted directly.
  5. A matrix is created with the nine content pillars on one side, and typical subjects talked about in paid programs or as a content creator (e.g., entrepreneurship) on the other side to generate ideas for each subject/content pillar combination.
  6. Repurposing long-form content pieces (e.g., YouTube videos/newsletters) into shorter forms (e.g., Twitter threads/Instagram carousels) can create more accessibility/diversity in reaching different audiences across platforms without coming up with new ideas all the time.
  7. Notion is recommended as a tool for organizing/planning all of one’s content across multiple platforms. It uses customized dashboards/cards that allow users to write/schedule/publish their work while tracking its status/dates/platforms/etc.
  8. Vanessa offers a 100-content-ideas vault that covers all nine content pillars applicable to any niche/industry, along with instructions/explanations of each post available through her description box link below her video.
  9. The workflow described can be scaled down for solopreneurs without teams by repurposing podcast/youtube/video newsletter content onto Instagram/TikTok/etc.
  10. Vanessa emphasizes that people digest information differently, so it’s important to be strategic when repurposing content across different platforms.

How Do You Create Content for a Fashion Brand?

  1. There is a workshop on coming up with content ideas for fashion brands.
  2. Attendees of the workshop left with about 60 ideas for their fashion brands.
  3. The purpose of creating content should be clear before writing or designing anything.
  4. Content should fall into three categories: attracting new people, building relationships, and making sales.
  5. To attract customers, create content that inspires or helps them solve problems.
  6. Emotion is important in marketing to build trust and connection with customers.
  7. Sharing behind-the-scenes information can show how much effort goes into products and justify their price point.
  8. Sales content can showcase products by explaining their amazing qualities and highlighting customer reviews.
  9. Once you get into the zone with content creation, ideas become easier to come up with over time.
  10. Watching the workshop can help generate many more ideas for your brand’s content strategy

How to Get Unlimited Content Ideas?

  1. To grow your brand as an authority, generate content quickly and provide value to your audience.
  2. Generating consistent content ideas can take time and effort.
  3. Three websites are recommended for generating content ideas: Answer the Public, Ask.com, and Google Trends.
  4. Answer the Public is a website that shows what people ask about a specific topic.
  5. Ask.com is another website that provides questions people ask on a particular subject matter.
  6. Google Trends offers insights into search terms over time and related topics/queries/categories/websites/regions of interest to users searching for those terms.
  7. These websites will help you generate more content ideas for blog posts, videos, or social media posts.
  8. The Online Boss Academy is recommended as a coaching program where you can learn high-income skills, such as selling products online under the guidance of someone who has made over $500k from online sales.
  9. The academy costs around $70, but this price may change soon, so it’s best to sign up now if interested.
  10. Subscribe to Franklin Manuel’s channel and hit the bell icon to avoid missing future videos.

101 Social Media & Email Content Marketing Ideas for Hotels

  1. The video provides 101 content ideas for hotels on social media, blogs, and emails.
  2. Many hotel marketers need help with what to post or share online.
  3. A consistent online presence is crucial for business recovery and staying top of mind with future guests.
  4. A blog can provide material that can be repurposed for other channels.
  5. Content pillars should be used when planning content to keep things engaging.
  6. Local area recommendations are relevant for most hotels catering to out-of-town guests.
  7. Food and beverage deserve their category as they offer a unique way to explore a new destination or culture.
  8. Behind the scenes, content humanizes the brand by introducing different team members and showcasing their expertise.
  9. Special occasions and celebrations, such as alum events or proposals, get at the heart of why someone is traveling.
  10. Travel tips help potential guests understand what they need to know about your destination if they are somewhere else.

How to Get 10k Followers on Instagram

  1. The speaker plans to hit 10,000 followers on Instagram in 30 days, starting from scratch.
  2. Week one is about preparing an account for new followers by clarifying who you are and what presence you want to establish on Instagram.
  3. Day two involves setting up a vital profile photo, username, and nameplate that matches and makes sense together.
  4. The bio should communicate why someone should follow you based on who your target audience is and how you can help them.
  5. Day three involves doing content research within your niche while keeping an open mind to find common topics or questions that keep coming up.
  6. Being topically consistent within one niche makes your content more binge-worthy, like a Netflix show.
  7. The brain dumps all new content ideas onto a spreadsheet or list for organization purposes using project management software like Trello or Notion.
  8. Use Metricool as an all-in-one social media scheduler tool approved for all social media platforms with advanced analytics, easy-to-create reports, etc., to save time and money when scheduling out content across multiple platforms at once
  9. Set up the first nine posts so that when people start visiting your page, it looks full-on brand inviting even if they don’t go viral or get great engagement initially.
  10. Posting at least one reel per day is recommended because reels have the newest algorithm designed to help reach new people quickly.