What is VUCAC?

VUCAC is an online whiteboard for real-time teamwork. We strive to provide a visual collaboration platform for better communication and productivity.

In short, VUCAC = VUCA + Collaboration.

VUCA is an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, qualities that make situations difficult to analyze. And that is exactly what we are faced with nowadays. Leaders and entrepreneurs often find it difficult to mitigate uncertainty and keep focused. Functional departments such as product, marketing, or sales may also be struggling with making effective plans and executing accordingly. As a result, the whole company or organization will continue to lag in development and transformation.

In the foreseeable future, every company or organization will face even more fierce competition, which requires leaders and teams to highly collaborate, effectively decide and continuously innovate.

To achieve these goals, we need mutual collaboration to mitigate vulnerabilities and create strategic plans.


Humans are highly visual creatures and rely heavily on visual processing and understanding.

As more people embrace remote work, meetings and teamwork are becoming less efficient and productive.

The rise of video conferencing after Covid-19 allows us to hear and see each other in real-time. However, we lack a comprehensive platform to brainstorm, ideate, and interact visually in one single place.

We cannot stand those inconveniences and decide to build on our own.

What is VUCAC offering?

Our vision is to help your team get more motivated to interact and innovate when working remotely in the office, or hybrid.

On VUCAC’s limitless and infinite canvas, you can use a variety of visual tools such as sticky notes, text, and doodles to visualize ideas. We also provide interactive visuals, for example, a voter, timer, and comment box, to encourage efficient communication.

Besides, based on our previous professional experience with industry experts and consultants, we are continuously creating different categories of prebuilt templates. Including brainstorming, agile workflows, training & consulting, and project retrospective, etc.

Finally, different from other online whiteboards, our competence in software infrastructure allows VUCAC to support real-time collaboration with more than a hundred users in one session at the same time.

When did VUCAC begin?

We were founded in 2021 and launched VACUC on Sept. 2022.

We know there is still a lot to improve and please Contact us if you have any questions.


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