17 Best Free Media Planning Tools & Softwares for 2023

Media Planning Tools

Media planning determines how and when to reach a target audience with a specific message or advertisement through various media channels. The ultimate goal of media planning is to maximize the impact of the advertising campaign while staying within the budget allocated for the campaign.

Media planners work closely with advertisers to identify the target audience, define the campaign objectives, and select the appropriate media channels to reach the audience. The media channels may include traditional channels such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines and digital channels such as social media, email, websites, and mobile applications.

Best Social Media Management Tools Free

  1. Creating and managing social media takes time.
  2. With the right tools, you can quickly save time and create great content.
  3. Answer the Public is a tool for finding content ideas.
  4. Canva is a design tool for creating high-quality images.
  5. Any Maker is a tool for creating animated videos.
  6. Giphy.com can be used to make GIFs from uploaded images.
  7. Pexels and Unsplash offer free stock photos that are high quality and not cheesy-looking.
  8. Buffer is a scheduling tool that allows you to manage multiple social accounts on autopilot from one dashboard.
  9. Sprout Social is an analytic tool that provides cross-channel social media analytics in one dashboard with customizable report options and advanced listening tools.
  10. Investing in social media analytic tools to keep track of progress and understand what metrics mean when handling multiple platforms for clients as a social media manager is essential.

Social Media Tool Compare: Metricool vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer

  1. The video compares HootSuite and Buffer as social media tools.
  2. Magical sponsors the video, but the presenter aims to be unbiased.
  3. HootSuite offers a 30-day free trial and has pricing plans for different needs.
  4. HootSuite allows users to manage multiple social media accounts in one place and provides analytics features.
  5. Metrical is geared towards small businesses and social media managers, offering an all-in-one tool for planning, analyzing, and growing digital presence across various platforms.
  6. Metrical also offers analytics features for YouTube channels unavailable on Hootsuite.
  7. Metrical may not be suitable for content creators with Creator accounts on Instagram who wants to auto-schedule reels without being a business account holder on Instagram itself.
  8. Both tools offer hashtag suggestions and allow users to upload custom thumbnails for videos or shorts posted on their platforms of choice.
  9. Users can schedule posts in advance using both tools. Still, they may need to upgrade their subscription plan depending on how many accounts they have created online or how many people will use the device simultaneously within their organization/business team.
  10. The video presents both options so viewers can decide which tool works best based on their needs.

Best Social Media Management Tools 2023

  1. The video discusses the best social media management tools for 2023.
  2. The tools can be used for content idea generation, creation, caption writing, and scheduling.
  3. Chat GPT is a new tool that generates content ideas based on specific keywords.
  4. Topic Mojo helps find questions related to a particular topic to create relevant content.
  5. Copy.ai generates content ideas and captions but should not be copied directly without editing.
  6. Prades.ai is an all-in-one tool that can generate captions and create visuals for posts.
  7. Visme.com offers different templates for creating carousel posts on Instagram or other platforms.
  8. Cap Cut is a free video editing tool available on desktop or mobile devices with features like transitions, filters, text, audio options, and stock videos to use in your creations.
  9. Metrical and Planoly are two planners that allow you to schedule your social media posts across multiple platforms, including TikTok, with customizable captions per platform.
  10. Only some things will auto-schedule, so checking each platform’s capabilities is essential before planning your social media strategy.

Best Social Media Scheduler for Social Media Managers

  1. The speaker spent the day mapping out their content calendar for the next week.
  2. They use analytics and trends to inform their strategy.
  3. They recommend using Metricool, which offers a 30-day free trial with code “Latasha.”
  4. Metricool allows you to connect multiple social accounts and view individual post performance.
  5. You can also do manual research by looking at hashtags or industry news to determine topics to cover.
  6. The next step is to write a list of content that needs to be created.
  7. Content creation takes up most of the time, but Metricool’s planning feature makes scheduling easy.
  8. You can drag posts around in the calendar view and get time recommendations for the best posting times.
  9. Additional team members can be added as complete editors or read-only members, and multiple brands can be managed in Metricool.

Best Advanced Media Planning Software

  1. In the past, advertising was more straightforward, with only three TV stations to reach audiences.
  2. With technological advancements and more channels, planning ad budgets for specific audiences became harder.
  3. The Squad Cost Data Index appeared, allowing advertisers to target dozens of demos and negotiate better ad rates.
  4. Advertisers needed more than cost and demo data; they needed complex audience viewing data captured by rating services like Nielsen.
  5. Squad’s cost research tools expanded to capture and visualize this data for advertisers.
  6. A rich planning application was introduced to revolutionize how advertisers juggle advertising complexities across various mediums such as television, print, radio, and online advertising.
  7. New technologies mean new opportunities for getting messages in front of audiences; Squad is building new technology for advertisers of every size to manage their media strategies across all platforms, including mobile devices.
  8. They are leading the industry in expanding ways that advertisers research, analyze, discover and plan their media strategies using significant data sources complementing their industry-leading television, cable, internet, and radio out-of-home data analytics tools.
  9. They aim to help businesses supercharge their research and planning process through accurate cost data, trusted analytics, and comprehensive planning tools.
  10. Request a demo today from Squad Technology if you want your business empowered with these critical tools!

10 Useful Digital Marketing Tools for Business in 2023

  1. The video showcases ten marketing tools to grow businesses and increase sales.
  2. Synthesia is a software that creates AI avatars for marketing purposes, but it has some drawbacks, such as being imperfect and creepy due to the Uncanny Valley effect.
  3. Adobe’s Character Animator uses motion capture technology to turn people into animated characters in real time.
  4. Character AI allows users to create virtual characters of themselves or chat with existing ones for business advice, although the advice given may only sometimes be reliable.
  5. Chat GPT is an AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions using natural language communication, making it almost human-like.
  6. Flicky is an automatic video creation tool that uses AI technologies to create videos without needing the user’s writing or editing skills.
  7. Recut automatically trims out bits of silence between a video’s speaking parts, saving time in the editing process.
  8. DaVinci Resolve’s Magic Mask allows users to isolate subjects from backgrounds quickly by adding masks and alpha outputs without requiring green screens or manual tracking work.
  9. Luma Labs captures objects with phones and turns them into 3D assets that can be used for various purposes, such as designing products or creating video games.
  10. Photo Room’s Background Remover removes photo backgrounds quickly and efficiently without requiring expensive software like Photoshop.

Media planners use various data and research tools to determine the most influential media channels to reach the target audience. They analyze audience demographics, psychographics, media consumption habits, and buying trends to develop a media plan meeting the advertiser’s objectives and budget.

The media plan includes the media channels, frequency, and timing of the advertisements. Media planners negotiate with media vendors to secure the best rates for the selected media channels.

Once the media plan is implemented, media planners continuously monitor and analyze the campaign’s performance to ensure it meets the objectives and makes the most of the budget. They may adjust the media plan, such as changing the media mix or adjusting the frequency or timing of the advertisements, to optimize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Learn about media buying from senior media buyer Molly Setzer at Insight Creative Inc. Media buyers help businesses streamline their advertising plans and reach their target audience while staying within budget. Discover social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Metrical to save time creating content and scheduling posts across multiple platforms. Use planning tools like Metricool to map out your content calendar for the week ahead and grow your business with marketing tools such as Synthesia, Adobe’s Character Animator, Chat GPT, Flicky, Recut, DaVinci Resolve’s Magic Mask, Luma Labs, Photo Room’s Background Remover.